As cyber threats become more sophisticated and frequent, putting sensitive and valuable data at risk. That’s why businesses of all sizes must invest in cyber security to protect themselves from online risks. At Remora, we understand the inherent and residual dangers associated with the advancement of technology, and we’re here to help you develop a robust cyber security strategy to safeguard your company’s assets.


As an established managed service security provider (MSSP), Remora specialises in detecting and protecting clients against cyber threats. We provide a range of services, including data leak prevention and monitoring across hosted, public cloud, SaaS, on-premise, and hybrid environments. Our comprehensive approach to cyber security includes behavioural analysis, unauthorised access detection, prevention measures advice, penetration testing, and employee cyber training. In the event of a security incident or breach, our team of experts is dedicated to delivering fast and effective remediation.


We work with CEOs and board members who understand the importance of protecting their company’s assets from cyber threats. We know that being a “sitting duck” is not an option, and we’re here to help you develop a proactive cyber security strategy that meets your unique needs.



The biggest security risks are the people who work for you. That’s why we focus on educating your employees about the fundamentals of security and best practices to ensure they are part of your defence against cyber threats.


Your IT staff is fighting too many battles to focus on cyber security and get it right. That’s where we come in – we speak their language, cut through the bureaucratic nonsense, and help everyone get on the same page.


The best-selling software may not be the most effective at protecting your assets. That’s why we rely on the expertise of our team of Certified Lead Auditors and Lead Implementers for ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Standards to ensure that your cyber security systems are robust and effective.


At Remora, we take a holistic approach to address IT security and cyber security for businesses across various sectors. We set up systems to ensure that data integrity and confidentiality are kept intact even when a threat is identified or an attack on your IT system is performed. We also review how your company gathers, stores, and handles sensitive information to ensure that it’s available to management and employees but kept away from unwanted parties.


Our team includes experts who hold a number of professional association memberships, including ISC2, ISACA, ISSA, BCI, BCS, IET, and a range of certifications such as CCSF, CISSP, CISM, AMBCI, CISA, EUR ING, CRISC, CEng, CDPO, and CSIR. This extensive experience and expertise enable us to deliver a comprehensive and effective cyber security solution to protect your company’s assets.


Our seasoned and knowledgeable executive board is a crucial asset to Remora. With years of industry expertise and leadership experience, our experienced executive board provides invaluable guidance and insight to help Remora navigate challenges and capitalise on opportunities.

From strategic decision-making to risk management, our executive board brings a wealth of knowledge to the table that can helps Remora to achieve success and sustain growth. They have been through their own ups and downs of business cycles and are committed to the long-term success of Remora.

Bob Wigley was appointed as Chair of UK Finance in March 2017. He spent his banking career with Morgan Grenfell and Merrill Lynch and was EMEA Chairman of Merrill Lynch between 2003 and 2009. Between 2006 and 2009 he was a member of the Court of the Bank of England. He is a member of the Takeover Panel and a past member of the FSA’s Senior Practitioners Panel and was the FSA’s nominated representative on the Council of European Securities Regulators Market Consultation Panel. He led a group of industry chairmen and chief executives to author a report on the competitiveness of London as a global financial centre “London, Winning in the Decade Ahead” and chaired the Green Investment Bank Commission. Since leaving banking, he has chaired and invested in a number of fintech companies. He was instrumental in the creation of TheCityUK and has been on its advisory board since its formation.

Petra Dismorr is co-founder, CEO and manages the overall business of NorthPeak Advisory a boutique advisory partnering with asset managers, asset owners and corporates to advance their ESG practices and capabilities to create a lasting ESG approach.

Petra has 15 years’ experience of hedge fund sales and marketing from both the buyside and sellside. Most recently she ran EMEA business development for Bardin Hill. Prior to that she spent 7 years as a Director on Citigroup’s EMEA Capital Introduction team. There Petra assisted Citigroup’s hedge fund clients with their asset raising needs and global institutional investors with their allocation searches. Petra started her career on the buyside in business development roles at Lincoln Vale and Absolute Capital Management. Petra holds a Masters in International Economics from Lund University, Sweden, the ESG CFA and a Masterclass in Private Equity degree from LBS. Petra is a development board member of the Ashden Trust and an active supporter of Conservation International.

Jon Luxford recently retired from the Metropolitan Police with over 20 years’ experience. With the last 7 years of service in the Met Police Cyber Crime Unit tackling high level cyber dependant offences affecting public and private sector within Greater London.

He was involved in several significant cyber-crime cases, successfully securing convictions against those responsible. His experience gained investigating a broad spectrum of cyber offences enables him to understand the most prevalent attack vectors. His law enforcement background and in particular his understanding of how cyber criminals behave and target potential victims enriches Remora’s approach to Cyber security. He brings calm and practical solutions developed from his first-hand experience and provides appropriate advice around Cyber threat prevention, detection, and Incident response. Jon was a member of several Financial Sector Cyber groups and has maintained relationships within that community and Law enforcement since his retirement.

Metropolitan Cyber Crime Unit is tasked with investigating cyber-enabled as well as analysis into significant and sustained cyberattacks. The Metropolitan Cyber Crime Unit also seek to challenge and mitigate fraud and cybercrime through the design and implementation of projects that seek to expand public understanding of criminal methodologies.

Jon has worked on many high-profile cyber incidents including data breaches, numerous Banking Email Compromises, unauthorised access cases and unauthorised access into telephone banking systems.